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  • 105067
    1 review
    07 Apr 2023

    i really enjoyed reading this thread and discussion by the people.
    As someone who is involved in this "niche" for many years, I would like to
    refer Its not only focused on discussing the topic inside out but
    also "Benefits". Hope everybody enjoys reading the blog.

  • 85437
    1 review
    28 Jun 2022

    These guys are the absolute best!  In the weeks leading up to the wedding, we met with them a few times, which was wonderful for preparation and meant that we already had a comfortable relationship for the big day!

  • 80334
    1 review
    17 Mar 2022

    One of the nicest shawarmas I've had in a long time, I enjoyed the mild flavour I could really taste in the chicken, and the vegetables were kept to a minimum so that the chicken's flavour was not damaged. This is a location I would strongly suggest. Parking is a problem in this area. You'll have to find another parking spot.

  • 79984
    1 review
    15 Mar 2022

    This is an excellent place to hang out with your friends and family; they have a great ambiance and friendly staffs; they serve you with "N"number of cuisines; and they serve so many different types of drinks. What I like about them is that they provide offers, which is not something we see in gvr; and the prices are reasonable.